Margahayuland 42 tahun membangun ruang hidup

21 May 2013

Margahayuland 42 tahun membangun ruang hidup Be unable to conduct the online business for 42 several years Margahayuland on a regular basis improve living room in big places in Indonesia, MargahayuLand real estate market creator as well as dominant apartment in West Java Today, Margahayuland improve the low cost housing can be found in Karawang section.

We Increase With its proper motto - We Build - We Care Margahayuland provide a very money-making business opportunity with fantastic service. Also Serve wholeheartedly for his customers to remain committed to providing the best. Considering that 1979 Margahayuland has developed greater than 40,000 units of housing in large cities which include Bandung, Karawang, Bekasi, Cirebon, as well as major cities. And starting in 2007 Margahayuland began expanding its business to high-rise buildings, such as apartments, hotels across Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali.

Tend not to mistake the superiority of the product Margahayuland, the accessories of Margahayuland surely qualified, superior, and did not really disappoint. Margahayuland one flagship product is Newton - The Hybrid Park. The concept of Newton - The Hybrid Park provides you with services to a variety of functions in any single area including business, lifestyle, luxury and full occupancy going through the city of Bandung with super features complete the Residence Newton, Newton Citywalk, Newton Meeting Mall, and the Newton Hotel. Furthermore the location is very strategic occupancy is very effortless in every way and really very useful.

They grow in perbisnisan, projects they are taking care of, and profit. Build products, networks and quality communities. Or simply they appreciate customer satisfaction, depend on also to their partnership to the further party.

Margahayuland positioned in addition to in the business industry, in addition they ought to do some social activities that help the community. Such activities they did last year in the course of the floods in South London. The activities of the “Care Free Medical Examination and flood victims in South London” and was held on December 1 and December 6, 2012 yesterday. It certainly proves they care about the community.

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