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5 Apr 2014

For those of you who dwell in Jakarta as well as environment how come significantly - away vacation ? Attempt exploring the wisata pulau tidung exclusively removes almost 3 hours to can this pulau tidung from the Interface of Muara Angke , together with 1 .5 hours from the marina Ancol .Pulau Tidung comes with two islands , namely the island paket wisata pulau tidung small together with sizable islands , which set about in enthusiasm visitors from Jakarta in addition to encompassing places .

With untouched nature , paket wisata pulau tidung deals and offers quite a few ambiance that you should benefit from . The ocean is really clear rock stone berhiasakan vibrant create this island into a major getaway for couples snokeling . Aside from the ability to appreciate the lovely beautiful places , you too can appreciate the forest mangrov . From Marina Ancol , the island can be contacted 1 hour by speedboat , just in case you can Angke brangkat of estuaries in tempu 2 .5 hours . Natural look and feel hence conveyed on the island thanks to the quite a few plants Tidung like jungles but still professional . And this is what can make this island a target of neighborhood and imported tourists to berlibur .Jika you determine to remain in that case , you are likely to vacation in a homestay that is certainly looked after by the community in itself , another plus point rooms keeping an eye on the sea . Hence the inn called vie ocean . With this peninapan , you can receive the beautiful scenery . you can enjoy the sea gentle wind while the blue water that will play on the beach around the waterfront inn .

wisata pulau tidung is divided into two pieces , such as wisata pulau tidung Large and small Tidung Island , though Tidung small island uninhabited , basically mangrove forest in kelolala by the administration to care for the sense of balance of environment around the large island and the paket wisata pulau tidung .Demi manage convenience in addition to full satisfaction of the website visitors who berliburke Tidung island , then you certainly can find any specific watersport similar to banana wind surfing , jet snow skiing , or even canoeing . There may also be snorkeling and getting machine rental . Get to diving pulau tidung is reasonably massive . The rate may differ seeing that DPL , the part around the small Tidung , alongside a handful of far more places for scuba diving . You may also snorkel air-driven connector near the area of love .

paket wisata pulau tidung in the Thousand Islands is very wake up keasriannya which means that anybody who been to the island , positively aspire to come back yet again . Simply just suggestions for a tour to this island , needs to select natural cotton underwear that takes up are sweating as a result of very hot temperatures that the island is going to help make the system make use of many sweating . Besides , make use of colorful clothes the best way to not take in excessive sun rays

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